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Penske Drag Racing Shock from Schnitz Racing

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Schnitz Racing Penske ShockHaving properly set-up suspension is one of the most important things you can do to gain maximum performance out of your bike. There is nothing worse than having a bike make 300+ HP if you can’t use that power on the track. This all starts with having suspension that is setup exactly for the rider and bike they are riding.

Penske Shocks does exactly that for you. From start to finish these shocks are designed and made for Drag Bikes to give you the most consistent launch on the starting line and the best control and stability through-out the entire pass. With a very large adjustment range in both compression and rebound you can easily dial in your bikes suspension for different track conditions. Your suspension is more than just a shock on your bike. It is a tuning tool that can be used every time you unload at the track. Penske Shocks make sure you have the right setup so you can get the most out of your bike. Having the right suspension is like putting gas in your bike, you HAVE to do it!

Ryan SchnitzNo longer are hoses and remote canisters required to get the benefits of a Penske Racing double adjustable drag shock. With 40+ clicks of compression and 40+ clicks of rebound, the new in-line 8975 shock absorber is quickly and easily tuned to accommodate any track or riding condition.
• Better Launch Control
• Improved Down Track Stability
• Consistent Performance
• Lightweight only 4 ½ lbs.
• No Remote Canister
• Custom-Valved for Rider Feel or Bike Set-Up
• Custom Built lengths
• Spring and Hardware Included
The In-Line Double Adjustable 8975 Series Shock is available for all major Drag Bikes and most custom applications.




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