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More Top Fuel Motorcycle Fives, Another Win for Dave Vantine

Dave Vantine
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  1. Melvin says:

    I would like to know what kind of a motor are you using…with the exhaust coming out of the rear of the motor…Thanks Melvin

    1. David Vantine says:

      Hi Melvin, the lower end is made by Puma in England which is a company owned 7 operated by Ian King. The cylinder head is made by Vance and Hines based on a GS Suzuki platform. It is made to run in a turned around fashion to allow the supercharger to have better access to clean air and it is estimated that the down force of those pipes is 700 lbs which when near the rear wheel is one of the ways we can apply a lot more clutch then if the pipes were in the front. I hope that helps – Dave

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