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McBride Walks Away From Frightening Top End Explosion and Fire, Historic Motorcycle Finished

Larry McBride, Reggie Showers
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  1. Dave Viola says:

    Thank the good Lord you’re going to be okay Larry, hopefully you and Steven And Roland can fix ole blue.

  2. Dave Mason says:

    Larry, so glad you didn’t get hurt more than you did! Speedy recovery and I wish you and your team the best!Hope to see you all soon. God bless!

  3. Susie pollard says:

    Spiderman we raced in Norwalk,oh you were my dad’s buddy we’re so glad your OK and wish you the best of luck. Pollard Racing

  4. Greg Ruddell says:

    Larry, sure glad you’ll be OK when the burns heal. I will always regard you as one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Stay well and hurry back! With all respect, Greg

  5. RPM says:

    Just have to say knowing Larry and Steve for a very long time these guy are the best freinds that anyone could ever have, can’t wait to to see them give a hug. thank the good lord for keeping you safe, keep the faith my brothers,

  6. mary says:

    Team Spiderman has been racing so long, it’s hard to imagine they won’t be running@ Valdosta in nov..God bless you guys. LYMIB get well soon…

  7. duke mc donald says:

    larry, I know what your going throughbetter than most. hope you heal up as well as I did. I agree elmer was with you on that run hot oil is painful and the whitness of burns stuns you . hope you get back soon duke

  8. robert cutrufello says:

    hi larry so glad your ok! larry dont forget you cant hurt Super Man! thanks for all the beer you guys gave me back in 97 when i was with BV in PM see you at atco next sept. R.C.

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