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Larry “Drums” Brancaccio’s Surgery Successful Following High Speed Crash

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Nitro Harley dragike legend Larry “Drums” Brancaccio, 57, of Nutley, N.J. underwent successful surgery to repair fractures sustained during a high speed crash May 29th at the IHRA Nitro Jam at Cordova International Raceway, in Cordova, Ill.  After an impressive run of 6.37 at 214 mph in the second round of qualifying, Brancaccio was unable to stop and crashed into Cordova’s pea-gravel, sandtrap-like suppression area.

Larry Brancaccio, Dan Driscoll and the Alvin Kobernusz Nitro Harley team.

Larry Brancaccio, Dan Driscoll and the Kobernusz Nitro Harley team.

“It appears he went off the end of the racing surface at a very high rate of speed. I do not know and wouldn’t venture to guess why that was the case,” IHRA President Scott Gardner said. “I don’t know if there was a mechanical issue or what might of happened. I’m just really happy Drums is doing well and hopes to go home on Monday.

Drums was transported to the University of Iowa Medical Center’s Trama Unit after the accident. After a few days of intensive care and surgery Brancaccio’s condition has greatly improved.

IHRA Director of contingency sales Dan Driscoll, who shares a close personal connection with Brancaccio, was able to visit the Nitro legend after surgery.

“The good news is Drums is doing awesome. Drums wants to thank IHRA, the IHRA safety crew and the Cordova safety crew. He has some broken bones but is in great spirits and is hoping to go home Monday,” Driscoll said. “It was great seeing him”

Larry Brancaccio Top Fuel Harley

Larry Brancaccio

Gardner echoed the positive sentiment.

“We at team IHRA are very happy to see Drums making significant progress and in good spirits,” Gardner said.




Readers Comments (15)

  1. george owen baker says:


  2. Dave Viola says:

    That’s great news Larry keep getting well

  3. M Max says:

    That’s my boy !!!
    Looking good !
    ….. Get some rest Son !

  4. Jay Psycho Rhein says:

    Get well Drums, l8tr, Psycho

  5. Carolyn Albanese says:

    Heal quickly Drums! Glad to hear you are doing better.

  6. Little Ralphie says:

    Hey Drums. Hello from me and “Bebo”. Glad to see you are doing well. Take care

  7. Georgette says:

    Hi Larry, So happy to see you are doing better! Hope your recovery will be a speedy one. Take good care and know that everyone sending their good wishes to you!

  8. Dave Viola says:

    get well from Saint Petersburg Florida

  9. Elvis says:

    Get well Drums! Giad to see you doing better! -Elvis

  10. Luciano says:

    Ciao CAMPIONE come stai.
    Wait you in Italy

  11. jay pepper says:

    This man has been entertaining the drag racing world for along time.Three of us rode once a year from Ontario Canada to an AHDRA race at different tracks across the states.Have had the honour to sit in this mans trailer a few times to shoot the shit.Get better soon.Jay Pepper

  12. Tom Loughlin Jr. says:

    Just heard about your excursion. Glad the tracks are moving to more friendly shutoffs than some in the old days. You’ve already heard the tales. Check in sometime…I have a little research project going on Nutley. Meanwhile…do what the PT and OT folks tell you to do !

  13. George B says:

    You look good! I be back around to see you again soon.

  14. Drums hope your doing good and back on bike soon.Get well

  15. Maria says:

    Hi Larry, it’s Vinnie’s sister Maria. I hope you’re healing quickly and feeling better. Think if you often.

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