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Help Design Larry McBride’s New Top Fuel Dragbike Paint Scheme

Larry McBride New Bike Paint
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  1. Liz Gorden says:

    If you want more blue, I would do away with the orange and light colors at the top, and use an opal/white color there. Do the rest blue with purple to dark ground effects and use the red stripe under the Pingle Logo and keep the red web stripes the way they are going…Just a suggestion!

  2. Willy Gregory says:

    The latest design looks great Larry,But from the top view when you are on the bike, your racing leathers,Helmet and the bike should look just like a picture of Spiderman flying through the city at night from behind just like in the cartoon series.a black web starting from the top of the fairing finishing out on the rear fender so that its looks like you are swinging from it would look really cool too!!

  3. Guy wills says:

    great to see it, no I can’t come up with a paint scheme but knowing you it will be a fast paint. Hope I get to see it when you put it on the track in competition, will see you at Valdosta in 2 weeks

  4. Frank Swartwood says:

    Awesome looking bike. I like the second design or anything that would look close to that.

  5. Frank says:

    Keep the front fairing the same as Greg’s paint scheme which would be mainly blue except put a white line down the middle of the top of front fairing and the yellowish to red paint at the bottom of the front fairing on bottom of sides to continue on to next body part. Body part below and behind front fairing should continue into that color scheme with the yellow to red continuing on the top of body part and then to blue below same body part.
    Top and front of lower spoiler should still be the blue like above. So that paint on top blue to sides then white to yellowish to the red at line on side of lower spoiler toward bottom of spoiler. At line in middle of side of front bottom spoiler the fading stops and is just red on side below body line.
    Which reverses Greg’s yellow to white scheme and it can continue eventually toward back spoiler making the white cloud effect here.
    From Greg’s paint scheme add more blue toward the back fender and spoiler as it turns into a white cloud effect on top of spoiler and below it. If my paint scheme continued from front lower spoiler to back body it would have white on top then the yellowish toward bottom then the red. much easier to blend and easier on the eyes.
    The white would turn into cloud effect above and below back spoiler on top to blend or just a line to stop blue. Below spoiler white would still be a cloud effect under spoiler which will be nice to blend into the yellowish to red at body lines at your ankle height.

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