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Fast by Gast Pro E.T. class at MIR upped to $2,000 to Win

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Fast by Gast has renewed their class sponsorship program for the Pro E.T. class at MIR in the MIROCK Superbike Series. The Pro E.T. class has always had the strongest bike count of any class in the MIROCK Superbike Series,sometimes with over 150 bikes in the Pro E.T. class alone!

The Fast by Gast Pro E.T. class at MIR will also see a purse increase of
$2,000 to win per day, and there will be no increase in entry fees. Now
that is a deal, more money for the same entry fee!

FBG president Paul Gast says, “Fast by Gast is pleased to be the Pro E.T. class sponsor at MIR once again. The bracket racers are the reason why these events are so successful, and they make up the biggest part of the bike count in any event. FBG is here to support them and the class they love”.




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  1. Lankee Yankee says:

    Allow delay boxes!! I will not give my entry fees to a non supporter of todays electronics.
    Wake up its 2014 not 1974

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