A History of Motorcycle Drag Racing’s Sanctioning Bodies

Roy Strawn with T.C. Christenson and Wally Parks
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  1. frank spittle says:

    A lot of names I had forgot. Wayne Molpus for one. The first race ever held at Darlington Dragway when it opened in 1976 was Wayne’s IDBA race and I set the record in B/A, which was lowered by someone else at the next race. I have great memories from that era.

  2. Thomas E Loughlin Jr says:

    Well, well.
    This is sort of like a history of car drag racing without mentioning NHRA.
    Wake up.
    Let’s see..reference Steve Rice,Jackie Bryce, Jim Milsted, John and Jody Gregory,
    Capt Gerry Hare, Marion Owens, Jackie Trett, Bob Malloy, Steve Johnson or any of the 12,000 rider/members who were the 48,000 total entrants in 67 tracks and over 250 events from Epping NH to OCIR in Irvine Cal and from Seattle Intl at Kent Wa to Miami Hollywood Speedway, invented the Sturgis Rally drags and was TO THIS DAY, including NHRA, the only drag sanction to have TWO OEM’s offering contingency money in the same series. 1.5 million fans in the stands,the largest all- cycle crowd to see motorycle drag racing (50,000 one day X2 at Pocono Cycle Jam (Ask Jackie Trett or Jim Mangus)… and spectator attendance records at other all cycle events still standing. Hey, if Roy Strawn still walked the earth, he would have written this for me. The founder took great delight in straightening out wrong recollections. Whoever you are that wrote this…be assured tha there is no hate here..just a hope that the folks you demeaned by leaving out the only REAL coast to coast and border to border, multi-divisional championship series in the sport’s history will take MY attitude of just wanting to educate you and yours. You seem enthused. Bless you. Now…do your research and fix this..your piece is NOT fake news…it’s just woefully lacking..and as such , does disservice.
    As well as the national director of the outfit above, DRAGBIKE! USA and the LEGITIMATE.. AMA DRAGBIKE! and official photog for AMDRA prior I am also a credentialed reporter/columnist formerly of the Pulitzer Prizewinng Utica Observer Dispatch ..and know whereof I speak.
    Ready to help you get this right..for the 12,000 riders, 67 tracks and 15 years of motorcyle drag racing 1977-’92 given short shrift I hope, and trust unintentionally) herein.
    Yours in Christ
    Tom Loughlin jr.

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