Remembering Jim McClure – Godfather and Master of the Nitro Harley Dragbike

Jim McClure
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  1. Keith Ashline says:

    I meet Jim back in the mid 90ies at Napierville Quebec Canada drag strip and had no idea he was such a huge force in the Top Fuel harley drag bike world. His bike wasn’t able to deal with the rough conditions that day but was always ready to answer any questions I had about his wild motorcycle. Had no idea he had died from riding his machine.

  2. Matthew McQuade says:

    Phyillis,Your Husband was to me the best friend a biker could ever had.He and Wes took great care of my bike so much so it is still up and running.One time Jim was at HRHD with his bike and he let my son sit on his bike(He is now 25 and yes he rides as do I)when I asked him if I could get on the bike Jim said NO!!!! because he said I would TRY to RIDE IT,No way but i WOULD SIT ON IT WHILE IT’S RUNNING!!!!THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS TREATING EVERYONE LIKE FAMILY!!!!LONG LIVE DA’JUDGE!!!!!

  3. Eric Ortiz says:

    I met jim inn whittier California at Rivera ing. A buddy of mine Gary Watkins was working there they were rebuilding his motor on his drag bike. And was there for the testing. Man talk about loud. That was in mid 90’s but that bike was awesome.at the time he was up there in age and i couldn’t believe this man was the one who was taming this monster. A story to keep telling. Sorry to hear of his passing.

  4. sent me a piture of jim mclure 8in by 10 in of Harley- Davidson 913 8th ave Rockford,il 61104 write back

  5. W.M.Brockwell says:

    I met Him back in the mid 80’s when I was running a pro gas here in Virginia , a great man who was a mentor to me and always had time to talk and critic anytime he was asked , he will always be missed and he will always be in my heart !

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