Remembering Dragbike Legend Dave Schultz

Dave Schultz
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  1. GREG BURCH says:

    Pure class Bill & Dave

  2. Donald Heath says:

    Pure Class Act. Always one step ahead of the competition.

  3. L.D. Royster says:

    I met Dave at E-Town, got to know him during the early years of Pro Star.
    In 1991 we raced at Piedmont Dragway in NC, the very first time I raced at an event.My teammates and I walked into a McDonalds for breakfast and lo and behold, much to my complete shock, there was Dave Schultz and John Meyers eating together. We all exchanged greetings and a few laughs and from that day forth we became friends
    I once needed some advice so I went to Dave’s trailer and I was floored he remembered my name.
    A classier guy the never was….I know this is about one of them but both are extremely missed.

  4. jeff walker says:

    I miss Dave he was a good guy, thanks’ Bill for remerging……………jeff

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